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Have any of you actually given any thought to..Abdul aziz Rashid actually was a poser for the company he's sharing info. about ..Just saying ..If you're going to gamble .Then you have to take the chance of getting burned ..Just saying ...Ripping people off is a multi Billion operation .So just don't by illegal things ,and you'll save yourself a lot of time money ,grey hair,and most of all had by a business,added Stress that none of Us need no... Read more

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I finally received the Rolex Daytona from Solidswiss I ordered and paid for (after more than six months and many reminders). They sent it to me from China. The watch (Daytona) ceased to be a chronograph in less than one day. The lug at 2 became a stopper to the second needle on subdial at 6. ie. stopped the movement sunning. I emailed Tom. He insisted it’s Swiss made and they sent from China only to avoid customs inspection and seizure. What a... Read more

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Purchased a pro-hunter from this site Solidswiss, the watch arrived in a timely manner, and looked good on the outside, although this watch cost over 1,300 USD it matches in quality a pro-hunter rep I purchased in Bangkok a year ago for only 300 USD. Timing has been erratic, sometimes running fast or slow, up to a 10 sec variation per day, so I had a qualified watchmaker open the back, not the rolex clone movement as advertised, just a 2836... Read more

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i ordered the new GMT blue/black combo from i also ordered the same watch from I wanted to see which had the better quality and was going to keep the better of the two. when i ordered the watch the second time from solidswiss, i received an email from Tom at solidswiss asking why i ordered the same style from another company. i don’t’ know how he would have known this unless it was the same company…so clearly these... Read more

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I looked online for Breguet replica watches and SwissWatches seemed OK - they come up as ReplicaWatches138 online and have a lot of different names that they change regularly when they're closed down. Sent them money and the watch was delivered, but it's not like the photograph. The photo showed a steel case with a golden dial, but what arrived was a rose gold watch - case and dial that looked totally different. But Swiss Watch (aka... Read more

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Best Swiss Replica Watches. Louie Cassidy Owner. Very professional looking website will charge you $1250 for a Communist Chinese made counterfiet Rolex watch. Funds are taken from your Credit Card on the day of purchase, NOT the day the watch is shipped iaw Master Card Merchant Agreement Policy. Approximate value $50. They will promise you overnight delivery but not deliver. Promise your funds will go into Escrow with a 3 day inspection... Read more

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I purchased a watch from and it is one of the cheapest replicas you can buy it came broken, rarely works and there customer service is bad i tried contacting them to get it replaced they said send it in and when i di it came back worst then i sent it scrached and more broken then when i sent it i offered for them to replace the watch but they said no the place is located in brooklyn ny these are basically asian replicas and are as... Read more

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I ordered a Yachtmaster from and the watch was wrong. I sent the item back and requested a refund. I was skeptical about a replica watch in the first place, so I just wanted my money back. They played games for several months by saying that the refund was done, but no funds had shown up on my end. Finally, they just stopped returning emails and calls. This company is a scam. I told them that I was going to file a report... Read more

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I have bought a Breitling superocean heritige from BESTSWISS.COM on the 08-02-2010 and today fedex arrived at my adress wanting to deliver. i open my package and what they sent me was not a watch at all!! they sent me a usb fm radio player....i mean i paid 1100usd which in South Africa is ALOT of Hard earned money!! so after a month and almost a half of tons of emails i finaly receive the item and it is wrong!! DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 Internet New York United States of America Phone: Web Address: Category: Jewelry Stores Submitted: Sunday, December 20, 2009Posted: Sunday, December 20, 2009Two weeks ago i purchased a rolex replica from for 990.00usd after speaking to there sales manager tom gardocky .At the time he told me it was a grade one swiss replica and his company was the only company on the net that sells TRUE grade... Read more

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